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Faggot, Flikker, Maricón
White 'Faggot' Pride T-Shirt
Light Navy 'Faggot' LGBT Pride Shirt

Black 'Faggot' Gay Pride Shirt






Pédé. Pédale.

I've heard it all. In all the languages, everywhere I lived, I have heard it. Because sadly, not conforming to the norm remains a reason to be harassed.

Yes, this T-shirt is 'in your face'. But we have all heard it be applied to us. And it hurt. But we can take the sting out of it. We can take these words back, or at least show the world we don't care.

In Dutch we call it a 'geuzennaam': an insult one wears as a badge of honour. 

Yes, I am a faggot. I am a proud faggot.

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